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Tree Removal

Tree Removal for East Aurora, NY & Surrounding Areas

Trees need to be removed for many reasons. Whether your tree is a hazard or just compromises the aesthetics of your yard, at Above & Beyond we have the equipment and techniques to remove the most challenging and dangerous of trees safely.

Signs You May Need Tree Removal Services

Trees are beautiful works of nature that provide a great benefit to the ecosystem and often add to the aesthetic appeal of your yard. Sometimes, however, trees can become a danger to people and property, and it is in these cases when you may want to consider having them removed. For example, when snow falls (a common occurrence in East Aurora), the weight can easily snap branches off dead or dying trees, causing a real risk to any person or property that happens to be underneath. Strong winds can also be dangerous and, as recently as last year, gusts in excess of 60 mph caused power outages and downed trees across Western New York. While even healthy trees can be susceptible to inclement weather conditions, unhealthy trees increase the risk of damage exponentially. Below we will discuss a few warning signs that you can look out for to help determine if you should call a tree removal expert.

Dead or Falling Branches

If you notice a tree in your yard is dropping branches or pieces of branches, it is a good indicator that something is wrong and you should call a qualified tree company to check it out immediately. When branches begin to fall, it is likely that more will come crashing down, even on calm days.

Leaning Trees

If you notice a tree leaning precariously, it is important to have the integrity of the trunk inspected. Trees may lean due to natural growth or, more worryingly, because they have been pushed to that angle by high-force winds. While the latter is greater cause for concern, it is crucial to have it checked just to be sure.

Rotting and Fungi Growth

Mushrooms growing around the base of the tree or fungus appearing on the trunk are indications that the roots or the trunk itself may be rotting from the inside out. When a tree begins to rot, it is significantly weakened and much more susceptible to falling when strong winds blow.

While this is not an all-inclusive list of warning signs, it is a few of the most common to keep an eye out for. If you noticed any of the symptoms mentioned above, or think a tree on your property may be in danger of falling, give the team at Above & Beyond Tree Experts a call today! We are certified ISA arborists and have extensive experience providing tree removal, cavity filling and more to clients in East Aurora and surrounding areas.

We Provide Emergency Tree Removal!

If you think that a tree on your property is in danger of falling and causing harm to you, your family, or your possessions, call the team at Above & Beyond Tree Expert Co LLC! We provide premier emergency tree removal services to East Aurora and the surrounding areas, and will be more than happy to come take a look at the problem tree(s) for you! Don’t hesitate, call today!

Why Choose Above & Beyond Tree Experts?

Above & Beyond Tree Expert Company moved to East Aurora in 2003 and has been providing premier tree removal services to clients throughout the area ever since. Our team are dedicated to the success of your project and have years of experience in the tree industry. If you have a tree problem, give us a call today and speak to a certified arborist today!

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